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A Book Is Just Like You Picture Book
Kids will love learning about books with these colorful, fun gems.Do you know that a book is just li..
A Pet for Every Person
Introduce children to nonfiction with one of their favorite subjects — pets! Updated with new facts ..
Adventurer Simplified Political Globe
Bright colors & large writing geared to the very youngTranslucent plastic base16Hx12 dia. Blue o..
American Heritage® Children's Dictionary
A vibrant way to teach kids the meaning of wordsChildren’s Dictionary offers user-friendly feature..
American Heritage® Children's Reference Books
A vibrant way to teach kids the meaning of wordsChildren’s Dictionary and Children’s Thesaurus offer..
American Heritage® First Dictionary
A vibrant way to teach kids the meaning of wordsFirst Dictionary features full-color and a phonics/s..
American Heritage® Student Reference Books
A vibrant way to teach kids the meaning of wordsStudent Dictionary and Student Thesaurus are compreh..
Atlantis Physical Globe
Illustrates physical features in true color: mountains, deserts, forests, & grasslandsGold metal..
B-FARM: Exploring Animal Classes
Every animal with a backbone is part of the B-FARM — even you! Learn more about the 5 classes of a..
But I Read It on the Internet! Picture Book
Did George Washington have wooden teeth? Find out today!In this fourth Mrs. Skorupski tale, the li..
Califone® Cardmaster™ Magnetic Card Reader Programs
The multi-modal, kinesthetic, visual and auditory reinforcement helps solidify connections between..
Curious George's Dictionary
Perfect for preschool through first gradeThis dictionary contains an A–Z section with approximatel..
Explorer Political Globe
For those who appreciate great accuracy and detailBlue ocean raised relief globe16"H x 12"..
Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians Picture Book
Students will love our fractured fairy tale that puts a new twist on the classic story of Goldiloc..
Merriam-Webster's® Collegiate Dictionary
Most comprehensive versionFeatures more than 225,000 definitions and over 42,000 usage examples. F..
Merriam-Webster's® Dictionary / Thesaurus Combo Softcover
Two essential references in 1 handy volume! Features 60,000 dictionary entries integrated with ove..
Merriam-Webster's® Dictionary Softcover
Easy to take along when you’re on the goBest-selling dictionary of everyday vocabulary includes mo..
Merriam-Webster's® Elementary Dictionary Hardcover
Introductory dictionary for beginning readersIncludes over 36,000 entries with 200 new words and s..
Merriam-Webster's® First Dictionary
Introductory dictionaryIntroduces 3,000 words with hundreds of captivating illustrations and usage..
Merriam-Webster's® Illustrated Spanish-English Student Dictionary
Mid-level for intermediate readersBidirectional dictionary features more than 50,000 translations,..
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